Syrian Electronic Army attacked Viber - A free calling software

Viber is a free call and messaging service used for Apple and Android Platform suffered from Syrian Electronic Army’s hacking attack, yesterday on 23 July 2013 Syrian Electronic Army hacked support page and left the page with message that is shown in the below image.

Viber is a cross platform VOIP (voice over internet protocol) was launched for iPhone in Dec 2010. Viber involves text, image, and video messaging throughout all platforms iPhone, Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. It currently supports 30 languages and now available on window and Apple PC. Even hackers also disclosed some phone numbers, email addresses of Viber admin department and told that they have captured and downloaded some part of data backups. Viber support page now appears like this.
Hackers also said that they still possess control over the system and have deleted the page “”used for account management and hosted on address. Hackers have provided a screenshot that reveals phone numbers, UDID, IP address and registration details. It is really a serious damage caused to Viber. If we see the defaced webpage, all the numbers carry dialing code 963 that is of Syria.

Hackers also tweeted on Twitter “ #SyrianElectronicArmy" that if you have Viber we advise you to uninstall it. Still there is no confirmation of this attack has been received from Viber’s authority persons, though Syrian Electronic Army has accepted the responsibility of this attack. Viber has more than 200 million users.

The news of Viber came out after Tango’s news revealed. Tango is also a messaging App whose data cybercriminals stole. It is guessed that attackers made some phishing page pretended to be Viber and succeed to get the username and password of admin staff then they able to use this information in hacking Viber. Viber said in report, the system breached was our CSR, used to help clients for any technical issues, the data stolen was basic, and they are working on it, and promising our clients that this will not happen again in future.

Syrian Electronic Army was previously succeeded in stealing data of True Caller and Tango app websites and deleted an article published in Daily Dot website and warned Daily Dot that if they publish any article in future, they will delete the whole website.

Cyber attacks are evolving day by day and have not even left giant social media and search engines; it causes serious concern over user’s data. It affects the credibility of a company. Phishing, man in middle attack, certificate breach, DDoS attacks are some recent attacks that have affected cyber world and forced giant corporate and social media to think over these attacks. It is a sure question arises in our mind “Do we live in hacker’s world or else hackers live in our world”.

Some sort of cyber policies should be there to fight against such hackers otherwise; the days are not far, where people avoid dealing with internet and social media.

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