Viber came again under attack of Syrian Electronic Army

Viber’s Apple App store is again under cyber attack of Syrian Electronic Army. It is time to rethink for cyber world because hackers are in mood to debase credibility of cyber world. If we see in the past two weeks, we have seen many hackers debasing giant companies’ account and their development center like Instagram account, Apple’s Dev Center, and famous Viber app.

Viber is a cross platform VOIP (voice over internet protocol) was established for iPhone in Dec 2010. Viber features text, image, and video messaging around all platforms like iPhone, Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. At present Viber holds 30 languages and is now compatible with window and Apple PC.

Moreover, Viber is the latest example of such a malicious action performed by Syrian Electronic Army that attacked on Viber’s Apple App Store account by changing the description of Viber’s IOS app.

"We created this app to spy on you, Please Download IT”

According to 9to5Mac report hackers have taken responsibility of this attack and tried to reach to Viber authority for further clarification. Last week we noticed the attack on Viber done by the same authority called Syrian Electronic Army. It is assumed that hackers have also access to other developing functions that is indeed a serious issue for company and its customers as well. 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman proposes the hackers could have reached access to Viber’s iTunes Connect account by a phishing fraud.

Viber authority persons gave statement in previous attack that no sensitive data was exposed and only two systems: a customer support panel and a support administration system were under attack. Below are two images of Viber spokesperson’s statement.
The two statements clearly states that the two statements are differed it seems Viber is not showing transparency to its customers. Viber was hacked on 23 July 2013 by Syrian Electronic Army intimated users to stay away from Viber. Viber has 200 million users globally.

We are facing duos situation in this cyber world as we see technology development and on other side emerging threat of hackers. A common person who relies on technology cannot understand the technical language of hackers instead rely on companies’ products by putting complete trust. Therefore, it clearly states that it is time to wake up from dream that no one seems to be secure in this unpredictable technology world, it is an alarm for the whole cyber world as you could be the next target of these culprits.

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